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Beatson Clark is offering Alpha Sirop bottles for a range of kombucha fermented teas from LA Brewery. Credit: Beatson Clark.

A pharmaceutical client was at risk of a product recall due to a capping problem with a new tablet formulation. This document explains how DJA Pharma prevented a costly recall with a simple, elegant and effective solution.

British glass bottle maker Beatson Clark has produced a pharmaceutical bottle, Alpha Sirop, for a range of LA Brewery kombucha fermented teas.

The bottle maker has partnered with UK-based glass packaging firm Rawlings to produce the 300ml white flint bottles under its apothecary range.

LA Brewery founder Louise Avery said: “I have been dealing with Rawlings since 2016 and was confident in their ability as a packaging specialist to find the right bottle for my brand.

“Their consultative approach means they took the time to understand my business and were able to present bottles from multiple sources that would help differentiate our packaging and maximise shelf appeal. One of the bottles they advised on was the Alpha Sirop from Beatson Clark’s range.

“It’s a higher end bottle that achieves that mix of being slightly medicinal and also rather grown up. Most standard soft drinks bottles have a long neck, but with this bottle, the short neck takes you into a different space.”

The apothecary range features various glass packaging solutions such as Winchesters, Tablet bottles and jars, Alpha Sirops, and Sloping Shoulder Flats.

Rawlings account manager Mark Carroll said independent testing was carried out to ensure the container was fit for the bottling process of LA Brewery.

Last month, Irish food producer Folláin Preserves selected Beatson Clark to rebrand the glass packaging of its range of preserves, pickles and relishes.

In partnership with Folláin’s marketing team, the company designed and produced a 330ml curved jar. jQuery( document ).ready(function() { /* Companies carousel */ jQuery('.carousel').slick({ dots: true, infinite: true, speed: 300, lazyLoad: 'ondemand', slidesToShow: 1, slidesToScroll: 1, adaptiveHeight: true }); });

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