The Bikes have arrived!

Hello, It has been great to see the hotel busy and guests making the most of the weather (when it has been dry) by relaxing in the gardens, heading for a cycle along the Antrim coast and enjoying picnics on the beach! Speaking of going for a cycle, the hotel have introduced new electric bicycles, which arrived at the hotel last week! This is a relaxed and enjoyable way to explore the local area and north coast! Believe me, I had a go on one this afternoon and it was fantastic! I was taking a stroll around the Castle and bumped into some familiar faces- General Manager Norman McBride and Operations Manager Paul Truscott, who was testing out one of the bikes! paulbicycle You can tell from his wee face, he just loves it! So next time you are coming to stay in the Castle, be sure to give them a go- I look forward to seeing you!

Love Isabella

The Friendly Ghost on the Antrim Coast xx

Game of Thrones Themed Afternoon Tea

There are rumours floating about the Castle that Norman and his team are planning to offer a Game of Thrones themed Afternoon Tea and I am soooo excited- I love Game of Thrones!

As you know the film set isn’t too far from the castle so I quite often take myself off up the coast for a wee noisy to see who is about and play tricks on the tourists.

Norman has also just placed a new Game of Thrones Jewellery Cabinet at the hotel entrance, you must take a look at it when you are visiting- I like to re-arrange the pieces in the cabinet from time to time- I have been told off several times but it amuses me greatly!

Keep an eye out for the Game of Thrones offer….I sense it won’t be long until it is announced ;)


Lady Isabella x

Spooky Halloween Break!


Get into the ghostly spirit with the specially themed Halloween Break including Bed, Breakfast and Afternoon Tea from £60 pps.

The afternoon tea features an array of Halloween-themed delights and ghoulish treats to sink your teeth into. These spookily scrumptious treats can be enjoyed in the hotel’s wickedly comfortable lounge and is served 2 – 5pm daily.

Click here to book

Welcome Back Norman!

As many of you know Norman left us for a while to lend a hand in the Stormont Hotel in Belfast.

I have to admit, I took the news of his departure pretty badly. I would often just sit in my room, looking out the window, hoping to catch a glimpse of him. Many of you probably heard me crying!

So, you can imagine my delight when I heard the staff announcing he was to return to the castle- my tears of sadness, were now tears of joy and I couldn’t wait to speak to him!

Here is how it went….

Q: Welcome back Norman, did you miss me?

Yes I did, I have been drawn back to you.

Q: What were you doing in The Stormont?

Trying to educate them on the physic ways 

Q: Are there any ghosts there? If so, I’m still your favourite, right?

No ghosts there and you will always be my favourite!

Q: Have you many guests coming to stay with me this Halloween?


Q: Have you told them about me?

Yes and the story teller is also going to be there on Halloween night to tell everyone about you so don’t be shy and let them all see you! 

Q: If you could give them one piece of advice about visiting my Ghost Room, what would it be?

Be careful on the stairs and don’t disrespect you.

Well folks, you heard Norman- enter the tower if you dare this Halloween! Come up to my room, try on my cloak and for those of you who are feeling brave, I dare you to stay the night!

See you soon!

Lady Isabella,
The Friendly Ghost on the Antrim Coast xx

Enjoy a Frighteningly Good Afternoon Tea

Halloween is one of my favourite times of year; I am very excited to announce that this year the Castle is running a special Halloween Themed Afternoon Tea!

This experience will leave behind the tricks and give you all the spooktacular treats to get you in the ghostly spirit as you indulge in the ‘spine tinglingly’ good sandwiches, freshly baked scones, buns and scary treats. After enjoying a delicious Afternoon Tea, those brave enough can take a trip up the spiral staircase to visit me in the Ghost Room!! I’ll be waiting!!

Halloween Afternoon Tea at Ballygally Castle is available from the 25th October – 1st November from 2.00 – 5.00pm. £15.00 per adult £8.00 for children. For more information or to book please call 028 2858 1066 or email

Lady Isabella,
The Friendly Ghost on the Antrim Coast xx

The Perfect Wedding Ceremony

Yesterday at the Castle we held our first outdoor Wedding Ceremony which took place on Brisbane Island. I was lucky enough to have been invited to the big day and took some pictures of this beautiful occasion to share with you!

Lady Isabella,
The friendly ghost on the Antrim Coast xx

Ballygally Castle - Outdoor Wedding bgc wedding outside 6 bgc wedding outside 4 BGC Wedding Outside 3 Ballygally Castle Wedding Outside 2 Ballygally Castle Wedding Outside

National Afternoon Tea Week

Afternoon Tea

Couple enjoying a delicious Afternoon Tea at Ballygally Castle on the Antrim Coast.

Did you know it is national afternoon tea week?

In 1840 Anne, the seventh Duchess of Bedford, started requesting tea, bread and cake at 4pm to stave off hunger until dinner, and soon after afternoon tea became a much-loved, quintessentially British tradition.

Why not call into the Ballygally Castle Hotel and try our delicious afternoon tea.

Served Daily from 2.00-5.00pm

For more information please click here.

Feathered Friends


At Ballygally Castle we have been enjoying the glorious sunshine! It has been great to see the hotel busy and guests making the most of the weather by relaxing in the gardens, heading for a cycle along the Antrim coast and enjoying picnics on the beach! With temperatures rising, our four resident ducks have been making a splash and entertaining guests with their regular swims in the Hotel River!

As our four feathered friends are here to stay,  I’ve been asking guests to help me come up with suitable names for each of them. Have you any suggestions?

Lady Isabella,
The Friendly Ghost on the Antrim Coast.


Perfect weather for a cycle!


What a lovely weekend! Perfect weather for a cycle up the coast and that is just what I did!

On Saturday I met a lovely couple, Aileen and Scott Martin who where spending the night in the Castle.  I got talking to them and discovered their plans to explore the Antrim Coast on Sunday. Never one to miss out on the opportunity of an adventure, I asked Aileen and Scott if I could join them and they very kindly said yes! On Sunday morning, we  took to our bikes, with a delicious picnic the hotel had prepared for us and we set off cycling 30 miles around the beautiful Antrim coast.

I had the most wonderful day and managed to stop and snap a picture of the Castle form across the bay to share with you all.  I really recommend you explore the coast by bike, there are plenty of great locations to stop and admire the scenery and enjoy your picnic break! The hotel will hire bikes and prepare picnics for anyone who wishes to cycle or even drive the coast road when staying and returning to the Castle and I am always happy to join you on your adventures!










Lady Isabella,

The friendly ghost on the Antrim Coast.



Makeover for Ghost Room

Good Morning,

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the great weather!

It was a great weekend at the Castle! I was pleased to have a group of journalists from across the UK visiting the hotel and experiencing the best of Ballygally Castle and the North Coast. Our special visitors where among the first to view my brand new bedroom!

After the Castles beautiful refurbishment I thought it was only fair my room got a makeover! My new room includes a new history wall and the addition of a Ghost Cloak, which allows visitors to dress up as a ghost and pose for a picture with me!!

I can’t wait for you all to visit my new room!

Look forward to seeing you soon,

Lady Isabella, the friendly Ghost on the Antrim Coast x

For more information on visiting Ballygally Castle Hotel please click here.