While Ring is well-known in the smart home security space thanks to its alarm system, floodlights, spotlights, doorbell, and indoor cameras, one area the company hasn’t yet ventured is to replaceable bulbs. Amazon bought Ring early last year and has since introduced several new products for home security. The latest FCC filing by Amazon under Ring, however, shows that the company might venture into an entirely new area.

A recent FCC filing, spotted by technology journalist David Zatz, shows that Amazon and Ring look to be entering the smart bulb space. While not much is known, we do know the radio bands that the bulb will use, and some of the technology behind how it works. Ring’s latest product is said to use Bluetooth wireless connectivity and should operate on the 900MHz frequency. This points us to the possibility that it’ll work with Ring’s existing Smart Lighting Bridge.

Per the FCC filing and attached images, Ring’s latest product should sport a 1500 lumen brightness rating. This is about as bright as a 100W incandescent bulb or 18W LED, making sure that it’ll easily light up your entire yard with ease. However, something interesting to note is that the image shows that the bulb will only utilize 16W of power, which means that there’s likely some extra reflecting going on here, or newer LED technology in play.

Hmmm Ring PAR35 "smart" lightbulb. Outdoor lighting line accessory? Ring Alarm accessory? Both? Neither?