My name is Lady Isabella Shaw. Some of you may already know me as the friendly ghost from the Antrim Coast. I was the wife of Lord Shaw. Unfortunately, when I gave birth to my son, my husband snatched my beloved baby and locked me in a room. One night, while trying to escape, I fell to my death! I have remained at Ballygally Castle ever since, walking the corridors and gently knocking on bedroom doors!

0ver 400 years on and my home, the beautiful Ballygally Castle has recently undergone some exciting renovations! During the renovations  I enjoyed keeping you up to date with what was  happening at the Castle and giving you behind the scenes access! Now that the Castle has reopened I will continue to keep you updated on what is happening and share with you my adventures!

Please check in with me regularly and contact me with any questions you may have,

Lady Isabella

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41 thoughts on “Welcome!

    • Hi Helen,
      Like you I also love Ballygally Castle dearly and am very excited about the changes to the Castle! Please continue to visit my blog regularly to see how the renovations are progressing!
      Lady Isabella x

  1. I had my wedding here and found Ballygally Castle one of the more homely hotels in the chain and I would hate to see that go. But looking forward to seeing what you have done to the place

    • Hello Eimear,
      I remember your wedding well – it was beautiful! I hope you are both keeping well! Don’t worry the changes will not take away from the homely atmosphere we all love so much! Please keep checking in and stay up to date with all our progress!
      Lady Isabella x

  2. I worked here for 3 years whilst I was a teenager, and I got married here in the river room
    Please don’t destroy the homely atmosphere. It is a special place to a lot of people.

    • Hello Jo,
      Hope you are keeping well! I remember when you used to work in the Castle and was sad to see you leave! I am pleased to say the changes to the Castle will enhance it rather than destroy the atmosphere we all love!
      Lady Isabella x

  3. love it that you are looking over the work stayed in the hotel as part of a prize from q radio and enjoyed it cant wait to see the new one and stay in it

    • Hello Shirley,
      I love to hear from people who have stayed in my castle and love it as much as I do! Please continue to visit my blog to find out how the Castle refurbishments are coming along!
      Lady Isabella x

  4. Hello Mrs Shaw,
    Good luck with the re-building of your beautiful 400 year old castle – I do hope it is done tastefully and repectfully.
    Ballygalley is your home and your wishes should be considered. I am looking forward to getting to see the refurbishments. Love your home

    Barbara Shaw

    • Hi Barbara,
      Thank you for following my Blog! I love to hear from everyone who loves my home as much as I do. I am keeping a close eye on all the builders and making sure the changes to my home are in keeping with the Castle and only improving what is already here! I’ll share all the pictures and videos I take online to keep you up to date!

      Lady Isabella xx

  5. I’m all for upgrading but I’m
    Also for if its not broken don’t fix it.stayed here 2years ago with friends and had an awesome time. Hope you don’t change too much. X

    • Hello Joanne,

      Thank you for following my Blog! Please do not worry I will not let anyone ruin my home! I love the Castle dearly and can ensure everyone the changes are only improving what is already a magical place loved by so many!

      Lady Isabella xx

  6. Hi,

    Had a lovely stay in Ballygally, loved its atmosphere and its beds!! Will this page have photo updates? Would love to see the renovations complete! Will it re-open by St Patricks day??

    • Hello Joanne,

      I love to hear from anyone who has stayed at the Castle! I have to agree the Castle has the most wonderful atmosphere and the best beds ever!!Please keep visiting the blog as I will be sharing lots of pictures, videos and regular updates! We will be ready to reopen on at the end of March 2014 and will hopefully welcome you back then!

      Lady Isabella xx

  7. hi isabella its nearly halloween! who are you going to haunt? maybe the cleaners of the exciting tourism location! i am doing a projecct on are ghosts real? i need to have some ideas and proof on ghosts! have a great halloween! (ps youre one good ghost!, you can type on the computer! awesome i wish my ghost could do that!) 🙂 awesome smiley face! but im awesomer than that smiley face, by the way do you know the headless horseman??? ahhhhhh hes behind me, god hes good!

    • Hello Billy,
      It is nearly Halloween again – it’s on of my favourite times of year! Don’t worry the Castle isn’t empty! I have plenty of builders to haunt and keep my eyes on! Your project sounds very interesting! I’m sure you are learning lots of interesting things about Ghosts! I’ve been working very hard to learn about computers so I can share all my news with you all!
      Lady Isabella xx


    • Hello Lucy,
      I will miss you this Christmas!I can’t wait until the Castle reopens so I can see all the regular guests again! Please keep checking my Blog to stay up to date on everything happening!
      Lady Isabella xx

  9. delighted to see you are joining the modern world, but do not think you really need “botoxing”, Look forward to being back in 2014.

  10. So sad as we got married there 2years ago and now this year we will have to go somewhere else for our anniversary .My son gets married there in May 2014 so we will look forward to that I am sure it will be beautiful

  11. I had the pleasure of staying in Ballygally castle every two week’s during the summer, the staff were wonderful, friendly nice people, I hope the transformation won’t take away the homely welcoming athmosphere of the hotel

  12. When I was at Ballygally in 2008. I took photos outside under a full moon. Months later I put them into my computer and what I found was quite a surprise.

  13. I look forward to a visit when I return this year ,each time I come over I visit this Location it was a favourite with my cousins and unfortunately she passed away and we will not be able to go together but I have a friend and we will look forward to seeing the changes.Best wishes from Canada

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